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About Grene Vision Group

About Grene Vision Group

Grene Vision Group prides itself on being a Kansas leader in primary, medical and surgical eye care. Our eye care "team" is unique and focused on providing tri-ophthalmic care with the 3 Os: Optometry, Ophthalmology and Opticianry. Our 12 ophthalmologists, 36 optometrists and approximately 375 opticians, technicians and support staff are dedicated to providing Total Eye Care and Eyewear for the Entire Family in Andover, KS, Anthony, KS, Augusta, KS, Derby, KS, El Dorado, KS, Fredonia, KS, Hutchinson, KS, Lyons, KS, Neodesha, KS, Wellington, KS, east Wichita, KS, west Wichita, KS, Winfield, KS and Yates Center, KS. Our 48 eye doctors work in 20 convenient clinics, 20 optical departments and 10 medical and surgical satellite clinics and outreach programs throughout Kansas.

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Grene Vision Group: The Future of Eye Care

Its past dates as far back as the 1920s when E. D. Carter, MD, opened an eye, ear, nose and throat medical practice. Today, Grene Vision Group's future is linked with the 21st century. GVG is the future of eye care, blending the talents of all eyecare specialties into one great team.

How do we meet our goal of providing quality eye care? By serving our patients through Coordination, Communication and Convenience, we blend high technology, superior service and the care of a good old-fashioned doctor - a system that truly delivers total eye care for the entire family.

The Three Cs of Quality Care

Coordination: We believe it is our job to help you move smoothly through the eye care system, whether it's purchasing eyeglasses, getting emergency eye care or caring for your glaucoma. One of our roles is to coordinate your care, which will involve our working closely with your optometrist, ophthalmologist or family doctor to ensure quality care for you, a family member or a friend.

Communication between eye doctors and patients is the key to a great eyecare experience. In spite of all the great tools and technology we have as doctors, perhaps the most important tool is communication. When you visit Grene Vision Group you will communicate with a skilled team of professionals who care about your vision and eye health. This team works as a unit to provide you with well-coordinated care and information..

GVG is also dedicated to another aspect of health care delivery that we can all appreciate - Convenience. Everyone is busy meeting the demands of work and family life, so convenience is important.

We've made an investment in your neighborhood and community so that we can serve you close to your home and work. We have seven Wichita and two Hutchinson locations and offices in 12 other Kansas communities, where our staff and doctors are your friends and neighbors. GVG offers hometown service with the high-tech advantage. And because traveling to Wichita can be a burden or inconvenience, several of our ophthalmologists participate in satellite outreach programs in 13 communities where our doctors and staff work side by side with Kansas optometrists and coordinate your care through your eye doctor or family physician. Our ophthalmologists even perform surgery in many of these towns as an added benefit to the patient, family and community.

An Exciting Future

The future of eye care is remarkable and exciting. Doctors will diagnose eye disease with computer scans and treat them with a range of painless lasers that use simple light rays to heal and cure. It's a future where conditions that once caused blindness - even a generation ago - will be surgically treated using ultrasound. It's a future where patients wearing very thick glasses will have a painless five-minute surgery that corrects their vision from 20/800 to 20/20 within a few hours.

The future is one in which doctors in all eyecare specialties will work as a team to bring you state-of-the-art care - specialists in retina, corneal transplants, neuro-ophthalmology, cataracts, glaucoma, pediatrics, and cosmetic eyelid surgery. They will be linked by phone and computer to a regional system of family eye care practices all working for you and your family's vision. When is the future?

At Grene Vision Group, the future is now.

You can reach any of our locations directly or call
(316) 636-2010 or (800) 788-3060.