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National Sunglasses Day is June 27

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Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative date held annually on June 27 celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays.

For this day only, Grene Vision Group will offer 30 percent off all Prescription and Non-Prescription sunglasses at all 22 of its optical locations.

Practice sun-safe behavior by wearing your sunglasses throughout the year, as the sun’s UV rays are always at play. 

We want you to enjoy your summer with UV-protection and style!  
Enter to Win the Ultimate Ray-Ban Camping Gift Set!  

From now through June 27, enter our #Selfie4Sunnies contest for a chance to win a $100 sunglasses gift certificate and Ray-Ban camping prizes (sleeping bag, windbreaker, sweatshirt, hat, tech device charger and more!).

To enter, simply take a selfie in a pair of sunglasses and post it to Instagram with tags #Selfie4Sunnies and #GreneVisionGroup.  The winner will be selected on June 28.

Why is UV-protective sunwear important?

Every day millions of Americans make the conscious decision to not wear sunglasses or other UV-protective eyewear, says The Vision Council. While seemingly harmless, this habit carries serious vision risks, many of which are not known or understood by those who fail to wear protective frames.

UV radiation is often recognized as the culprit for sunburns and skin cancer, but most people don’t realize the damaging impact the wavelengths inflict on their vision. The problem originates with the sun’s unfiltered UV rays. Just as these rays can burn skin cells, they can also harm unprotected eyes. A full day outside without protection can cause immediate, temporary issues, such as swollen or red eyes, and hypersensitivity to light. Years of cumulative exposure can cause cancer of the eye or eyelid, and accelerate conditions like cataracts and age-regulated macular degeneration.

National Sunglasses Day serves as a reminder that sunglasses are a major health necessity – regardless of whether it’s sunny or cloudy, warm or cold – and spread the word that sunglasses and other UV-protective eyewear are key to protecting long-term eye health.