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Grene Vision Group optometrists utilize the latest technology and medical equipment to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat most types of glaucoma.  Although a vast majority of glaucoma is managed clinically with topical and/or oral medications, some patients require a specialty consultation with our board certified ophthalmolgist(s) who can provide surgical care when medically necessary. Grene Vision Group optometrists and opthalmologists work closely together to ensure seamless continuity of care between our providers and medical teams.  Early detection and treatment are the cornerstones in preserving vision loss caused by glaucoma. There are no symptoms in the early to moderate stages of the disease, so don't delay.  Call Grene Vision Group today to schedule an appointment with one of our 36 primary care doctors at one of our 21 locations in Kansas.

See our list below of Grene Vision Group optometrists who provide glaucoma care.