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How to Fix Broken Glasses: At-Home Tips to Try

When your glasses break, it’s natural to wonder whether you can mend them yourself or if you need assistance from an eye care professional. While minor repairs may be doable at home, fixing broken glasses often requires the help of a specialist to avoid further damage. 


If you’ve purchased glasses from Grene Vision Group, consider bringing them back to our office for basic repairs. Many straightforward fixes can be quickly handled by our trained professionals, often at no cost. Having your glasses repaired by an expert ensures they’re fixed correctly, providing you with the reassurance that comes from professional service. This is just one of the many advantages of buying glasses from your local provider rather than an online source. 


Here are some of the common ways that your glasses could break and how they can be addressed, either by you or with the help of your local Grene Vision Group experts. 

Fixing Loose or Missing Screws

Have you recently noticed that the arm of your glasses is loose or has detached? This issue often arises from a missing or loose screw, and it’s especially important to address if your glasses have nose pads, as loose screws can lead to lost nose pads.   

If you’re considering a DIY repair, you’ll need a special screwdriver made for eyeglasses. You can find this tool, along with replacement screws, in most eyeglass repair kits, which are designed to provide an easy way to fix your glasses at home.    

When working on replacing or tightening a screw, remember to use the screwdriver gently. Turning it too hard can strip the screw, making the problem worse. Also, be cautious to avoid slipping and scratching the lenses with the screwdriver.  


If you don’t have an eyeglass repair kit on hand, don’t worry. There are temporary solutions to fix your glasses until you can visit a Grene Vision Group location. One method is to thread sturdy dental floss or thin wire through the screw holes, securing it with a knot. You can also use a wooden toothpick, inserting it in the screw hole and snapping off the extra to create a temporary hold. 

Remember, these are just temporary fixes; for a durable repair, it’s best to visit your nearest Grene Vision Group office. 

Cracked or Scratched Lenses 

If your lenses are scratched or cracked, it's important to know that there isn't a simple DIY solution. The most reliable way to address these issues is to take your glasses to a professional. 

Each pair of glasses needs a specific approach to remove scratches or scuffs. Trying to fix them on your own could lead to more damage, particularly if your lenses have special coatings. It's best to steer clear of over-the-counter scratch-removal products or home remedies, as these solutions can often worsen the damage.  

For optimal results and to ensure your lenses are properly cared for, it’s best to bring your glasses to your local Grene Vision Group. Our team has the expertise to assess and repair your glasses, helping to extend their life and maintain your clear vision. 

At-Home Remedies for Bent Arms 

Dealing with bent glasses can be frustrating, and can even impact how well you see. If an arm of your glasses is bent or misshapen, you might consider trying to straighten it yourself. 


Metal frames are generally easier to reshape because metal is more pliable. If you have metal frames, you can try to carefully bend the metal back into shape using your hands. If you need extra leverage, needle-nose pliers can be helpful, but ensure they have plastic tips to prevent scratching. If your pliers don’t have plastic tips, a soft cloth placed between the pliers and your frame can offer protection. 


For plastic frames, reshaping is a bit trickier since plastic isn't as flexible. To make the frames more malleable, you can gently heat them. This can be done by running them under hot water or using a hair dryer. After heating, the frames should be easier to bend. 


However, even though it's possible to adjust your frames at home, we highly recommend getting professional help, especially for plastic frames. A professional at Grene Vision Group can safely and effectively adjust your frames, often at no additional cost. This ensures that your glasses are not only comfortable but also correctly aligned for your vision needs. 

Broken Metal or Plastic Frames 

Broken frames are a little more complicated to fix, as tape and other DIY methods can only last so long. For metal frames broken at places other than the hinge, welding is usually required. As for plastic frames, while you may consider using super glue, we strongly advise against it, as super glue can easily smear on the lenses, is difficult to remove, and might even void your eyeglass warranty. 


When you're unsure about how to handle broken glasses, you can always ask for help from Grene Vision Group. For a reliable and lasting fix, it's best to take your glasses to your local eye care provider. They have the expertise and tools needed to repair your glasses correctly, ensuring that they serve you well for a longer time.

Visit Your Local Grene Vision Group Today

Whether you’ve exhausted all your at-home repair options or want professional assistance, you can get your glasses fixed today by visiting a Grene Vision Group location near you. Our team of skilled eye care professionals will work with you to determine the best way to repair your glasses or fit you for a new pair. Find a location near you to talk with your local Grene Vision Group experts about eyeglass repair. 

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