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Proven Strategies for How to Rest Your Eyes

Feeling a strain in your eyes after a long day? That’s a sign of eye fatigue, a common issue many of us brush off that’s actually quite easy to address. 


Grene Vision Group's eye care specialists have compiled their top tips to combat eye strain effectively. The next time your eyes need a break, consider these expert-endorsed methods. 

Warm or Cold Washcloth Compress

A warm compress can work wonders, soothing your eyes quickly. Take a clean washcloth, soak it in warm water, and wring out the excess. Fold it to cover your eyes, let it cool down to a warm temperature, then lie back, place it over your closed eyes, and enjoy the comfort as it helps unwind the tension. 

Stay Hydrated and Rested 

Dry eyes can lead to unnecessary strain. If your eyes aren’t well-lubricated, they get tired more quickly. Dry eye occurs when your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, or when smoke or wind are directly coming in contact with your eyes. Combat dryness with a few simple habits:   

  • Drink around eight glasses of water a day and get enough sleep—about eight hours—to keep your body and eyes refreshed. 

  • Over-the-counter eye drops, especially those without preservatives, can provide immediate moisture and relief. 

  • Avoid places with smoke and wind which can dry out your eyes quickly. 

  • Use a humidifier if the air in your home or office feels dry, adding moisture back to your surroundings. 

  • Position fans or vents so they don’t blow directly at you, as this can increase dryness. 


Eye Yoga for Muscle Flexibility

Routine eye exercises might be the key to reducing eye strain. A six-week study noted a significant decrease in eye fatigue among those practicing eye yoga. Some exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine include:   

  • Blinking: Frequent blinking can keep your eyes moist, warding off dryness and minimizing dry eye symptoms. 

  • Rolling: Try looking from side to side or up and down, which works out your eye muscles in various ways. 

  • Palming: Warm your hands, then cup them over your eyes. Palming offers an easy respite for the eyes, providing a moment of darkness and warmth to ease the strain on your eyes.  

Cut Down Your Screen Time

Extended periods in front of digital screens can be tough on your eyes. Make an effort to limit your daily screen time to give your eyes a rest from the strain. 

Consider Blue Light Glasses

If your job demands staring at a screen, blue light glasses may alleviate some of the strain. These glasses have a special coating that cuts down on the blue light reaching your eyes, which can reduce tiredness.   

Blue light lenses are available for both prescription and non-prescription eyewear. Alternatively, you can use screen filters to minimize glare and blue light exposure.  

Regular Eye Exams

Sometimes, eye strain is a sign of needing a better eyeglass prescription. If you're squinting more or struggling to see clearly, it’s a good idea to book an exam, and if you notice that you struggle with dry eye often, it’s best to plan for regular eye exams to ensure no other problems are at play.   

The team at Grene Vision Group can thoroughly assess your eyes and suggest the best ways to keep them relaxed while checking on your overall eye health, as well.   

Ready for an appointment? Visit Grene Vision Group online to find a location and schedule your visit.  

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