Unwrapping Eye Safety: The Guide to Safe Toy Awareness Month

As that special time of year draws near once again, Grene Vision Group in Kansas brings you the perfect blend of festive fervor and essential guidance. This Safe Toy Awareness Month, let’s unwrap the joy of choosing safe toys that captivate young minds while ensuring their twinkling eyes remain safe and sound.

Play it Safe This Year When Choosing Toys

Gifts are a tradition of the festive season everyone looks forward to, but the true gift lies in ensuring every toy is both fun and safe!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Projectile toys might promise adventure, but they come with a footnote of caution. Kids’ enthusiasm can sometimes lead them to aim these toys in unexpected directions, including at other people or even their own eyes. 

Gifting your children these sorts of toys could come with a more hefty price tag than expected if something gets lodged in their eyes. That’s why it’s best to avoid toys that shoot objects this holiday season.

Invest in Long-Lasting Joy

Durable toys are the gift that keeps on giving. Young children can be surprisingly rough on their playthings and a broken toy doesn’t just lead to crying and tantrums, it can lead to serious eye injuries too. A broken toy can easily create small parts or sharp edges that can get lodged in the eyes and ruin the magic of the season for everyone.

Better toy alternatives include toys made of fabric or stuffed animals. They’re much harder to break and don’t have the same issue with jagged edges that plastic toys or wooden toys have. 

The Miniscule Menace: Say No to Small Parts

Those tiny toy pieces might look harmless, but they pose dual risks: choking hazards and potential eye injuries. Check your child’s gifts to make sure they don’t have any exposed removable parts that can cause problems if they aren’t careful.


It's essential to ensure your kiddo's toys don’t have small parts that can end up causing big troubles for you and your family. 

As an alternative, you can also give your children toys without the small parts and accessories they might include in the package. Sure, that Sabine Wren action figure is going to look a little less cool without her blasters and lightsaber, but the peace of mind knowing your child won’t accidentally cause a corneal abrasion is worth it.

Sharp Edges? Let’s Play it Smooth

Cool-looking armor, a colorful bracelet accessory, and a miniature cell phone are all part of what gives our kids endless hours of happiness while playing with toys. But they also come with hidden hazards. 

A sturdy toy is great, but sharp edges? Not so much. A quick inspection before purchase can save you from potential eye hazards later on. 

Toy Age Guidance is More Than Just a Number

Ever spotted age labels on toys and wondered if they're essential? They sure are! These labels ensure the toy matches your child's developmental stage, minimizing risks while maximizing fun and learning. 

Remember, gifting age-appropriate toys isn't just about safety – it’s also about boosting their cognitive growth.

Buy Safe Toys, Get More Fun

A toy’s real magic lies in its safety. Gift toys that keep the holiday spirit alive without any unexpected mishaps. For a little extra holiday magic, follow these other safety tips:

  • If you buy battery-operated or electric toys, make sure batteries are locked in tight. Batteries can cause a number of injuries if used carelessly.

  • Get stuffed toys or other toys that are made of safe materials.

Connect with Grene Vision Group in Kansas This Holiday Season

The holidays are about good times and togetherness. The last thing you want to get in the way of happy memories with the little ones is an eye injury from one of their gifts. With Grene Vision Group by your side, offering a mix of top-notch comprehensive eye care and festive cheer, the season's brightness is ensured. Located conveniently in the Wichita, Kansas area, we're your go-to for all things eye care.Call or click today for more information about Safe Toy Awareness Month. Or reach out to schedule an appointment at Grene Vision Group!

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