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Join Grene Vision Group for World Diabetes Day

If you suffer from diabetes, you’re not alone. More than 400 million people worldwide are dealing with diabetes and its effects on eyesight. That’s why November 14th is World Diabetes Day! At Grene Vision Group in Wichita, Kansas, we’re celebrating by giving our patients tips on how to manage their diabetic eye conditions and achieve healthy vision. Join us as our skilled diabetic eye experts break down the best strategies to keep your eyes sharp. If you're curious to learn more, our Diabetic Awareness Month blog is also here as a go-to resource.

What is World Diabetes Day?

Starting as far back as 1991, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) pushed to create World Diabetes Day as a worldwide holiday to teach people about diabetic conditions and how to manage them. decided to establish World Diabetes Day. It’s no coincidence that it falls on November 14th. That’s Canadian scientist Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday! Banting is considered by many to be the father of insulin and revolutionized the treatment of diabetes. This condition can affect people in various ways, impacting the eyes, kidneys, heart, and beyond. This initiative carries a mission of improving awareness about diabetes, its telltale signs, and strategies for prevention.

How Does Diabetes Impact Eyesight?

In general, diabetes affects multiple parts of the human body, including the kidneys and heart. Many people are shocked to learn diabetes actually affects your eyes too. Diabetes can put you at a higher risk for certain eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. But the big one you need to watch out for is diabetic retinopathy. The worst part about diabetic eye conditions is they often lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated. So it’s very important that you receive frequent comprehensive eye exams if you have diabetes. The best treatment is often prevention.

How to Manage Your Diabetic Eye Condition

Embrace Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Prioritizing your well-being involves a balance: consistent physical activity and nutritious eating. Engaging in exercise enhances insulin efficiency, helping regulate blood sugar levels. Additionally, staying active promotes improved blood circulation, vital for optimal eye health. As for diet, opt for nutrient-rich choices: consider whole grains, lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, and beneficial fats. A combination of a balanced diet and routine exercise forms the ideal recipe for maintaining excellent eye health.

Learn More About Your Condition

World Diabetes Day is the perfect time to delve into the relationship between diabetes and eye health. This day provides a prime chance to deepen your understanding of managing diabetes with an emphasis on visual well-being. Staying informed about cutting-edge research and treatments is crucial, particularly for individuals living with diabetes. Note that the quest for knowledge about diabetes and staying updated with research is an ongoing process, transcending just World Diabetes Day.

Knowing Your Unique Eyes

When it comes to diabetes, no two cases are exactly alike. Knowing more about your family's healthy history with diabetes or exactly what it takes to maintain stable blood sugar for you is key to understanding how diabetes will impact your eyesight. Knowing whether or not you have a high risk for certain diabetic eye conditions is essential to planning your treatment. 

Get Frequent Comprehensive Eye Exams

As we’ve mentioned before, prevention is the best treatment for preserving your vision. Diabetic eye conditions can progress rapidly in a short period of time if they aren’t carefully monitored. Grene Vision Group recommends diabetic patients get an eye exam at least once a year. However, depending on the severity of your diabetic eye condition, you may need to come in for an exam more frequently. At Grene Vision Group, our expert eye doctors are equipped and trained with the latest diagnostic equipment to be able to spot potential diabetic eye issues early on and stop them from doing serious damage to your eyesight. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam today! Even if you’re eyes seem healthy, Grene Vision Group can help them stay that way.

Visit Grene Vision Group in Kansas

At Grene Vision Group, we’re your partner in diabetic eye health. Our diabetic specialists have the training and experience to diagnose and treat everything from mild to severe diabetic conditions. But most importantly, we’re here as a resource to help you learn more about your diabetic eye disease and what you can do to keep your vision strong. We have practices located conveniently around the Wichita, Kansas area offering complete eye care solutions. We’re only ever a call or click away! Schedule an appointment with us today and celebrate World Diabetes Day with a commitment to healthy vision. 

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