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Local Eye Care Centers in Wichita

Grene Vision Group has proudly served the Wichita area for over 100 years. Our 15 Wichita offices are located both East and West of the Arkansas River, up and down the I-35 corridor, as far North as Hutchinson, and as far south as Winfield. 

The expert eye doctors of Grene Vision Group use the latest eye care technology to diagnose and treat various eye conditions. We offer everything from annual eye exams and pediatric eye care to intensive treatments for chronic eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Schedule your appointment at Grene Vision Group today and start your journey to clearer vision and healthier eyes.

Your Local Eyeglass Shop

Your Local Wichita Eyeglass Shop

Are you looking for glasses or contacts? Grene Vision Group provides state-of-the-art vision correction solutions at our 15 Wichita area locations. We feature designer frames and sunglasses for men and women from top brands* including Vera Bradley, Versace, Coach, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more! Need a new prescription? Schedule an eye exam with your local Kansas eye doctor at Grene Vision Group. We can update your vision prescription and help you pick a pair of perfect glasses for your lifestyle.

*Brand selection varies by location.

Our Wichita Eye Care Services

Grene Vision Group specializes in eye care for the entire family. Our Wichita eye doctors are trained with the latest technology to diagnose and treat various eye conditions. We’ve got you covered, from specialized eye surgery to general eye care, like annual eye exams. Book an appointment with Grene Vision Group today!

Complete Eye Exams

Cataract Surgery and Treatment

Cornea Disease Treatment


Optical Services

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Glaucoma Surgery and Treatment

Retina Care

Dry Eye Disease Treatment


Diabetic Eye Care

Meet Your Local Wichita Eye Doctors

Stop by and meet your neighborhood eye doctors in Wichita, KS. The doctors of Grene Vision Group provide quality eye care by combining their high level of experience with the latest vision care technology. We’re committed to helping you achieve a healthy, clear vision. 

Robin L. Agpoon, OD
Robin L. Agpoon, OD
Samuel W. Amstutz, MD
Samuel W. Amstutz, MD
Dr. Misha A. Anderson, OD
Misha A. Anderson, OD
Trevor R. Askew, OD
Trevor R. Askew, OD
Dr. Lori L. Barton, OD
Lori L. Barton, OD
Dr. Suzanne H. Buchanan, OD
Suzanne H. Buchanan, OD
Dr. Justin L. Burden, OD
Justin L. Burden, OD
Dr. Anita Campbell, MD
Anita Campbell, MDWichita, KS
Dr. Ashley R. Carson, OD
Ashley R. Carson, OD
Dr. David M. Chacko, MD, PhD
David M. Chacko, MD, PhD
Dr. Rob Christensen, OD
Rob Christensen, OD
Dr. Kaden P. Diskin, OD
Kaden P. Diskin, OD
Dr. Dan A. Gillogly, OD
Dan A. Gillogly, OD
Dr. Anthony K. Hartness, OD
Anthony K. Hartness, OD
Dr. P. Joe Jittawait, OD
P. Joe Jittawait, OD
Jenna R. Johnson, OD
Jenna R. Johnson, OD
Dr. Cassidy J. Kesler, OD
Cassidy J. Kesler, OD
Dr. Steven A. Kuhl, OD
Steven A. Kuhl, OD
Dr. Rebecca L. Lehr, OD
Rebecca L. Lehr, OD
Dr. Diana M. Leitner, MD
Diana M. Leitner, MD
Alan J. McCormick, OD
Alan J. McCormick, OD
Dr. Christopher B. Means, OD
Christopher B. Means, OD
R. Michael Murphy, OD
R. Michael Murphy, OD
Jaryl D. Ollenburger, OD
Jaryl D. Ollenburger, OD
Dr. Kristina L. Post, OD
Kristina L. Post, OD
Dr. Martin de la Presa, MD
Martin de la Presa, MDWichita, KS
Dr. Jill M. Prilliman, OD
Jill M. Prilliman, OD
Dr. Macey E. Pruett, OD
Macey E. Pruett, OD
Dr. Gina C. Ridder, OD
Gina C. Ridder, OD
Dr. Tim R. Ridder, OD
Tim R. Ridder, OD
Dr. Michele Riggins, MD
Michele Riggins, MD
Dr. Christie L. Rose, OD, FAAO
Christie L. Rose, OD, FAAO
Dr. C. Eric Shrader, MD
C. Eric Shrader, MD
Dr. Jennifer A. Simmonds, OD
Jennifer A. Simmonds, OD
Dr. Anthony J. Taylor, OD, FAAO
Anthony J. Taylor, OD, FAAO
Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor, OD
Jennifer E. Taylor, OD
Dr. Charles R. Whitfill, MD
Charles R. Whitfill, MD

Our Wichita, Kansas Eye Care Locations

Are you looking for a specific location closest to you? Visit one of our 15 Office Location pages for more information on doctors, accepted insurance, hours of operation, and more. Are you looking for an eye care center close to you outside of Wichita? Visit our Locations page to search for other Grene Vision Group Kansas offices near you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grene Vision Group Accept Insurance?

Yes! Grene Vision Group eye care centers across Wichita accept the most common vision insurance plans. In many cases, we also accept HSA and FSA benefits as well. We’ve also partnered with CareCredit to make eye care more affordable. Check out our complete list of accepted vision plans. However, accepted insurances vary from location to location. Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Grene Vision Group directly with questions about your specific coverage for more information.

Does Grene Vision Group Perform LASIK Surgery?

Grene Vision Group doctors at our affiliate eye surgery center, Grene Laser, in Wichita, KS, provide LASIK eye surgery and other laser vision correction procedures. For more information, visit the Grene Laser website.

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

We recommend A pediatric eye exam for infants and young children at six months of age and before Kindergarten or first grade. We look forward to seeing you if it’s been a while since your last visit! Find a Wichita area Grene Vision Group location & schedule an appointment today! 

Can I Schedule an Eye Care Appointment Online?

Yes! Grene Vision Group makes it easy to schedule an eye exam without picking up the phone. Find your preferred location and schedule an appointment online today! Availability varies by location. If you cannot find an appointment on your preferred day or week, check the schedules of any other nearby Wichita area Grene Vision Group locations.